Speed is one of the most important aspects when choosing dedicated hosting service. Speed is not just crucial for SEO, but also for people who are visiting your site. When your website has a slow loading time, visitors will abandon it in record numbers. That, in essence, means you won’t get any added value to your social shares, links and activity profile. This can negatively impact the performance of your website. Plus, loading time is a Google ranking factor, so if your website loads slowly, your search engine ranking will suffer.

Dedicated web hosting servers and speed

One thing you need to know about dedicated hosting servers is that they tend to be higher priced compared to shared hosting options. But, when you take the leap and changeup to dedicated web hosting, you’ll realize a significant difference. Dedicated web hosting servers are incredibly fast.

When we talk about shared hosting, on the other hand, it means you’re renting a space from a single server. The single server is also hosting other websites, which means you’re not the only one using the server. Therefore, all the sites on the single server are taking up a percentage of the server’s bandwidth, disc space, and processing memory. Because the owner of the single server wants to make as much profit as possible, they will try to host as many websites as possible. But, hosting many sites on a single limited server can be a challenge. That’s why the owner of the server has to limit the amount of disc space, bandwidth, and processing memory for each website. The result: Slow sites.

If you’re just starting out as a website owner, this is enough for you because you still don’t have a lot of traffic or files to store on your website. But once your business scales up, you will undoubtedly need a new, powerful option. And this is where dedicated web hosting comes in. Dedicated web hosting options come with more disc space, bandwidth, and processing memory. The fact that dedicated hosting comes with incredible speeds; your bounce rate will significantly reduce.

Is dedicated web hosting worth it?

By now, you know that dedicated hosting is not cheap. But, the benefits it accords your site makes it well worth the cost. People using dedicated web hosting solutions will always have the edge over those using shared web hosting options.


So, you don’t have to start off with shared hosting as a new online business owner. You can choose dedicated hosting from the onset to spare you the trouble of having to changeup later when your online business booms.