What constitutes an excellent support team? The answer: the desire to do things effectively and efficiently, commitment to offering top-notch services to clients and passion for achieving optimal results in a shorter timescale. However, when it comes to evaluating the technical support team of any web hosting company, technical competency is the quality that reigns supreme. Besides this, there are other equally important qualities to look for when evaluating the technical team of any web hosting provider:

Any web hosting provider takes customer care seriously

In the technical support space, customer care is the main currency. When a prospect or a regular customer needs help, the support team should be available to solve the issue in real time. The prospect or customer should come out of the conversation completely satisfied with the support. This is only possible if the support team is well trained and knows what they are doing. For example, the support team should listen to the customer’s problem keenly, start working on the problem immediately after the conversation, give timely updates on their progress and cultivate a great working relationship with the customer. Ideally, the technical support team should be available 24/7 to help.

Customer focus is critical when evaluating a web hosting technical support team

Customer focus is another invaluable quality an excellent technical support team must-have. Customers will contact the support team for a wide range of software and server issues. For the support team to grasp what the customer wants to be addressed, they must have extensive knowledge of all aspects of web hosting software and server. That means that the team should constantly be learning these things to keep themselves current. When you are current with all web hosting aspects, you will always remain focused and address the customer’s problems satisfactorily.

A great support team has customer empathy

Web hosting customers normally contact the technical support team when they experience a glitch with their websites, and they always need it addressed quickly. Typically, web hosting companies have written guidelines for addressing such customer problems. But, a great technical support team should go beyond those guidelines. The team should be able to not only address the glitch in the right way and in the shortest time but also ensure that the problem never happens again. That is what customer empathy is all about.


In a nutshell, effective communication between a customer and support team is what solves problems satisfactorily in any web hosting business. So choose a web hosting provider that has a technical support team with the qualities stated above, including great communication skills.

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